Bad Tunnel exploit, what you can do:
Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on all network adapters :

Here is how: Open Control Panel, click Network (and Sharing Center), Manage Adapter Settings, right click your connection (wireless or LAN or do both), 2x click Internet Protocol 4, (You should be prompted for Admin password), Click Advanced button then the WINS tab, Check the radiop button fo Disable NetBIOS over TCPIP, click ok and you are done. If you have a network you better yet disable all port 137 traffic in/outbound of your edge firewall/router.
Slow browsers:

Chrome is slow, multiple tabs choke system resources, Firefox plugins are a dog as well as a security concern, Internet Explorer well scrub that.
I have been liking Pale Moon and recommend it.

You may download it here for your own evaluation. Download Pale Moon

In need of a REAL Backup Solution?
Proprietary backup products have historically been unfriendly, unwieldy, clunky and unforgiving. This lack of attention demonstrates thier total lack of interest in your security, thier only interest: cash flow. They offer no tangible security and are lacking anything resembling that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling for you and your corporate data.
Solution: A simple FREEWARE compression program scheduled to automatically replicate your precious data to an inexpensive external device! Ask me how!

Need Blackberry connectivity in your company?
For we may now implement low cost Email services with builtin Blackberry Enterprise server! Yes a robust, user friendly email server with built-in BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and it comes with with full migration path from MS Exchange! Ask me how to put Blackberry enterprise connectivity into you company at a fraction of the cost of MS Exchange client licensing! Ask me how!

Firefox Exploit:
Firesheep, a Firefox plugin steals logons and take over social media and email accounts after users log in from a WiFi hotspot or even their own unprotected network. Countermeasure: BlackSheep, also a Firefox plugin is designed by zscaler to combat Firesheep. "BlackSheep, also a Firefox plugin is designed to combat Firesheep. BlackSheep does this by dropping Ďfakeí session ID information on the wire and then monitors traffic to see if it has been hijacked. While Firesheep is largely passive, once it identifies session information for a targeted domain, it then makes a subsequent request to that same domain, using the hijacked session information in order to obtain the name of the hijacked user along with an image of the person, if available. It is this request that BlackSheep identifies in order to detect the presence of Firesheep on the network. When identified, the user will be receive the following warning message".

Onsite email solutions:
Whether temporary or long term, we can help, implement solid, cost effective open source, email solution with full antivirus, failover redundancy and package it all into an easy to use ISP/Reseller interface.

We implement relable open source Help Desk, network monitoring and secure, access anywhere company instant messaging systems:
OTRS is a reliable opens source trouble ticket reporting system so reliable and expandable its used by NASA. Nagios is a robust open source network monitoring system that can work for you too. Secure personal IM system, Jabber is a user friendly open source IM server with client support for PC and most mobile smart phones.

Top Security Tips - How to Protect Yourself:

Viruses, Malware, Identity theft, Worms, Spam, they all result in slow systems wasted system resources, crashes, downtime and frustration! The good news is, it's largely preventable, click read More Info to find out how... More Info

Virtualization = Better Affordable Business Protection
Downtime isnít an inconvenience itís a revenue killer!

Lowered Expenses: Aggregate present under utilized servers and network attached storage. This also allows for more affordable business continuity while reducing support personnel through centralized management
Decreased Complexity: Server clustering, data replication, and mirroring complex technologies requiring expensive operating systems, installations, backup agents, testing and maintenance. A virtual infrastructure significantly reduces complexity, enables rapid recovery times and facilitates high availability.
Less Downtime: VMware and VMotion technologies reduce unplanned downtime by proactively moving running applications away from servers that generate alerts or cross certain defined management thresholds. And also allow for maintenance functions without any service shutdowns.

Free Virus and Worm Solution
Problems with employees carelessly surfing into viral and worm infested cyberspace? Ask us for free information on how to use the free VMware Player to run Live Linux CDs like Knoppix, Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux or Bart's PE (Windows), from an a CD or ISO file. All 100% free, 100% legal! Yes worry free internet is here again! Instructions here Click Here
More Info

VPN, SSL and Secure Shell Solutions
Let us show you how you can securely leverage the public Internet to speed business and improve your bottom line! VPN Security solutions with VPN clients terminating to Cisco IOS, ASA or PIX gateway device(s) can work for you as they have for other clients. SSL and Secure Shell options often overlooked can provide inexpensive, secure VPN tunneling solution for small business on a budget.

Secure VPN Client Solution
The VPN client is an IPSec VPN software that allows to establish secure connections over the Internet usually between a remote worker and the Corporate Intranet or PC to PC. IPSec is the most secure way to connect to the enterprise as it provide strong user authentication, strong tunnel encryption with ability to cope with existing network and firewall settings including the Cisco PIX and Linksys firewall/gateways.

Improved Notebook security:
For extra peace of mind you may optionally place your vital VPN authentication keys on an ordinary removable USB stick and connect simply by inserting.

Online Helpdesk for Clients!
Our clients can now open and close support cases online. This enables you to open a case and have it in the hands of an engineer in 5 minutes from anywhere you have internet access. This automated Email case tracking process will keep you abreast of all developments opening to closing.
Open a case here: Geonetics Helpdesk Add a new user or, use Username; Guest, Password; guest.


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